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Friendly UnTandem bicycles

UnaTandem fits 2 adults/2 kids, handles like a regular bike, all riders see forward, talk easily,1sec. fold, one 62" duffle

Talk to the nicest people on a Raymond

Kissing on a UnaTandem, UniTandem, Raymond Bicycle Company

"UnaTandem is the most enjoyable tandem bike"

"The UnaTandem is surprisingly comfortable, handles well, and I totally enjoyed it!"

Two pedaling, three talking, amazingly small

We use the UnaTandem everyday, we all can see forward and can talk.  It fits into our apartment.  

Cruising the UnaTandem

UnaTandem handles better than a regular tandem.   

Revolutionary UnaTandem?

The UnaTandem is revolutionary.  The proof is simply in this video.   No other bike, or tandem can offer the combination of great handling, small size while three talk so effortlessly.   Oh, and two are pedaling!

Better than a tandem bike

"You can really feel that short wheelbase, it bobs and weaves just like a regular bike!"

10 year old girls ride the UnaTandem like pro's

"Since we're 'Besties', we could buy one of these bikes and go around the neighborhood!"

UnaTandem, folding tandem, 8 speeds, disc brakes, high pressure 2.25 tires, packs into one 62 inch bag, fits 95% of population


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The revolutionary patented UnaTandem is available in red, blue, black.


Better than a standard tandem bicycle,  or dreadful tandem trailer.  UniTandem allows both riders to talk freely.  Both see forward.  It handles like a regular bike.   It parks in the space of a regular bike.   It rides two full size adults or two young kids.


Ez to bring with you.  The 'rear end' folds under, so it fits inside a car,  easily goes up stairs or parks in a small space. The removal of one bolt and front fork will allow it to pack into a 62 linear inch wheeled duffle bag, while seats and seat posts go in a separate bag.  It's now classified as 'bike parts' rather than a 'complete bike' at the airport.

Shipping to USA lower 48 is $75, others TBD.   

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